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PerforMAX LT Reusable Underpads- Blue- 2 DZ

PerforMAX LT Reusable Underpads- Blue- 2 DZ

Our Price: $171.00

Product Code: MDTIU7SEFBLU

Features a Swift-Dry top layer that helps wick fluid in quickly and moves it to the center core. Super absorbent core helps disperse fluid throughout the pad so the top feels dryer quicker. Bonded bottom layer helps anchor the pad, giving it needed structure. Bonded construction helps "thin" the pad for less bulkiness with no decrease in absorption. Special lamination process helps the underpad lay flat with minimal bunching or rolling. PerforMAX pads help resist stains so you may get more uses per pad. Polyurethane helps give the underpad breathability, allowing moisture vapor to escape and creating a cooler, dryer, more comfortable environment for patients. Recycled content unkown but "green" because reusable.

2 Dozen 34" x 36" Blue Underpads