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Medline Endoscope Transport Tray

Medline Endoscope Transport Tray
Medline Endoscope Transport Tray

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Lapses in the cleaning of reusable endoscope transport trays can lead to cross-contamination in the surgical work area. These Scope Transport Tray offers an economical single-use alternative that protects both patients and staff from contamination and infection. Bedside cleaning is performed within the Medline Tray, keeping residual run-off contained. This creates a cleaner work environment and

  • Transports clean scope to the procedure room and soiled scope back to decontamination
  • Reversible lid to clearly differentiate clean and soiled scopes
  • Adheres to the SGNA reprocessing guidelines that a scope most be in a closed container to prevent exposure to infectious organisms
  • Made from recycled sugar pulp material
  • Single use, disposable

Medlne ScopeTrays are single-use, eliminating the need for manual cleaning
after each use. They are space efficient, stackable and nestable.

Medline Biodegradable Scope Trays 30 Trays / 30 Lids

  • Medline Endoscope Transport Tray