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Detergent Proof Washbowl (160 Case) Vernacare Maxi Wash & Emesis Basin 6 liter. V25-027N case/40 Vernacare Collapsible Waste Basket  V25-075
Single-use, disposable Washbowl ideal for bathing bedbound patients. Capable of holding warm water (45°C) and soap for up to 2 hours.
Vernacare Maxi Wash Basin 6 liter.
100% Pulp
40 pc to a case
Perfect for Orthopedic or Podiatrist foot care.
Disposable Foot Bath etc.

Another product to consider is our ecoMed100
Alternative to V25-075

Disposable Waste Baskets by Vernacare, 90 each/case
Vernacare Collapsible  Waste Basket Emesis Basin- Alternative 100/case
Vernacare Collapsible Paper Waste Baskets- Replacement Alternative for the V25-075. Free ground shipping.
Made of Recyclable Paper
100/ case
100% Sustainable paper product
5 liter plus capacity
Height; 8 inch (Approximate)
Psychiatric Patient Care Supply
Coated with a food grade polyethylene to prevent leaking.