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Vernacare Bedpan Cover 250/Case V30-026N Vernacare Recycled Paper Pulp Male Urinal  V20-016 Dry Patient Wipes by Vernacare V38-121D
Vernacare Biodegradable Bedpan Cover, 250/Case. Vernacare Male Urinal . Made from 100% recycled post-consumer newsprint. 1 liter capacity. Renewably sourced, soft, dry and highly absorbent cleansing wipes, used for continence care in hospital intensive care units, high dependency units, care homes and at home. Vernacare macerator friendly wipes give you unparalleled soft, gentle efficacy.

50/bag, 1000/case

Vernacare  V25-010 Paper Pulp Kidney Emesis Basin (Case of 260) Male Urinal Holder Vernacare Collapsible Waste Basket  V25-075

Standard hospital emesis basin, kidney-shaped. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer newsprint. 700 mL capacity. Case of 260.

Vernacare Male Urinal Holder for V20-015X. Designed to hang on bed rail or stand upright. Rubberized handle provides better patient grip.10/case Disposable Waste Baskets by Vernacare, 90 each/case
Vernacare Maxi Wash & Emesis Basin 6 liter. V25-027N case/40 Vernacare Large Biodegradable Bowls 12" V25-030 Vernacare Collapsible  Waste Basket Emesis Basin- Alternative 100/case
Vernacare Maxi Wash Basin 6 liter.
100% Pulp
40 pc to a case
Perfect for Orthopedic or Podiatrist foot care.
Disposable Foot Bath etc.

Another product to consider is our ecoMed100
Alternative to V25-075

Vernacare Large Biodegradable Bowls 12" V25-030
Vernacare Collapsible Paper Waste Baskets- Replacement Alternative for the V25-075. Free ground shipping.
Made of Recyclable Paper
100/ case
100% Sustainable paper product
5 liter plus capacity
Height; 8 inch (Approximate)
Psychiatric Patient Care Supply
Coated with a food grade polyethylene to prevent leaking.
Recycled Paper Pulp 1-Liter Graduated Jug (Case of 100) Recycled Paper Pulp Mid-Stream Collector Recycled Paper Pulp Bedpan Liner 100 count V20-001D
Recycled paper pulp disposable jug with graduated scale. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer newsprint. 1 liter capacity. 100 jugs per case. Vernacare Recycled Paper Pulp Mid-Stream Collector.  Ideal for collecting and measuring urine samples. Made from 100% recycled newsprint. Maceratable. 4 liter capacity. 100 per case. Vernacare Bedpan Liner. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer newsprint. 2 liter capacity. Must use with plastic bedpan support (sold separately). 100 liners per case
Recycled Paper Pulp General Purpose Bowl 9" (Case of 200) VernaFem-Female Urinal  V20-022 disposable medical pulp Reusable Bedpan Support (Case of 10)
Recycled paper pulp general purpose bowl, 9" diameter. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer newsprint. 1 liter capacity. 200 bowls per case. Disposable female urinal ergonomically designed to be suitable for patient to help promote self-toileting, preserving patient dignity and empowering patients to toilet themselves. Reusable plastic bedpan support. Solid and easy to clean. Autoclavable. Intended for use with paper pulp bedpan liner (sold separately). 10 per case.
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