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because you also care about the health of the planet.

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Hello from Dr. Barbara Inwald. I want to welcome you to ecoMedSupply, a compilation of green medical supplies.

Here is our story:

ecoMedSupply came into existence after I was unable to find a good source for medical supplies that weren’t destructive to our communities and planet (via the materials that made them up, their manufacturing processes, or both). As a physician, I was increasingly appalled at the plastic and paper waste generated after even one medical exam. This was basically toxic waste, and was headed directly for landfill or ocean gyre. Because human beings do not live in a vacuum, I wanted to see healthcare extend beyond the patient’s body/mind and into his/her environment. I wanted to “go green,” and when I couldn’t find a reliable source for green medical and office supplies, I created one.

ecoMedSupply was founded over a dinner table with a simple idea. For more than a decade, the medical industry has accounted for a disproportionate amount of waste in the world (approximately 800 tons of potentially recyclable plastic in the U.S. annually*). Clearly, everyone agreed, healthcare needs a greener alternative.

Eliminating paper and plastic disposables alone would reduce mountains of medical landfill. Even if using reusable disposables isn't possible, using products made with less toxicity and that are better for landfills, can begin to improve the medical waste problem.

A big challenge, however, is that it’s been hard to find recyclable options. It takes hours to search the Internet for eco-friendly medical supplies and few are currently being produced. Going green has just been too impractical. Until now.

The goal of ecoMedSupply is to create a quick and easy resource for green-minded healthcare professionals. Our online catalog is full of many eco-friendly products that you probably use every day. When you visit ecoMedSupply you will find all the greenest products that are available and we will continuously add new products as they become available.

January 2022

Some changes here at ecoMedSupply! I will be taking a step back to let my new associate of the past year, Bernie Drouillard, take over the business. I will continue to help and advise him, as needed. Bernie has lots of energy and enthusiasm and shares the core mission of ecoMedSupply.

Progress in greening healthcare has been slow over the 11 years since I started ecoMedSupply and I am thankful for the efforts you all have made to reduce the use of plastic, virgin wood paper and chemicals. I will continue to help Bernie search for new and better products and hopefully expand the number of providers taking positive steps toward a better world.

I wish a happy, healthy and safe year to all!

Warm regards,


Feel free to contact me at my personal email address: [email protected] or text/call 415.250.5393